The Best Succulent Planters 2022

Choosing the best succulent planter feels like choosing a succulent all over again – endless options. For your sanity, consider these 8 picks:
  1. Nilos terracotta pots
  2. Laerjin clay pots for plants
  3.  ZOUTOG succulent pots
  4. COLOAPT succulent plant pots
  5. Greenaholics ceramic flower pots
  6. SUN-E ceramic wooden pattern succulent pot
  7. Yishang terracotta pots
  8. OAMCEG succulent plant pots

While knowing the best planters right away is great, being aware of the thought process behind these choices is just as good. Let’s get into some of the important considerations you should look into before making a purchase.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Succulent Planters

Drainage, size, material, and your particular style are some of the things you’ll have to consider before ordering any planter. Here’s a deep dive into each one of them.


Drainage is a big issue in the succulent world – it can be the difference between a healthy plant and one battling rot even with a good watering schedule and a well-draining soil mix.

Succulents don’t like soggy soils thanks to their largely dry natural habitats. If your container doesn’t somehow line up with this, then you might be in for a problem.

Always look for containers with a drainage hole at the bottom. It ensures any excess water flows out as soon as possible before it can cause any problems.

The kind of material also influences the drainage, so you might want to look into that too.


You’ll encounter a lot of different planters made out of different materials but always keep in mind – the ideal succulent planter is made of either ceramic or terracotta. Not glass, concrete, metal, or plastic.

Ceramic and terracotta are generally good with drainage which is something you want if you’re looking to raise healthy succulents. This is thanks to the two being well-aerated which also works out great in keeping the roots in good shape.


A planter larger than your succulent is always the best as it allows some wiggle room for the roots to thrive. But that doesn’t mean going for a massive container. That will encourage the roots to spread out instead of the ideal downward growth.

On the other hand, a pot that’s too small will restrict root growth which is just as detrimental.

The rule of thumb is to pick a planter that is between 5 and 10 percent larger than your succulent. Also, keep in mind that shallow containers are generally a bad idea.


This isn’t much of an issue as it doesn’t directly affect your succulent. If you’re keen on how your décor looks, then you might want to keep this in mind. This will mean looking at stuff like color, texture, and even the size of the planter.

Best Succulent Planters 2022

With the considerations aside, let’s check out the various best planters you can grab for your babies.

Nilos Terracotta Pots

Right off the bat, you already tell these are some great planters – at least as far as the material is concerned. Whether or not they’re ideal for your specific case depends on the size of your succulents.

The pots come in a pack of 12, so they’re pretty awesome if you have more than a handful of succulents. It’s also just good to have some spare pieces in case anything happens or if you bump into other interesting succulents.

Each of the pots is about 3 inches both in diameter and height, so keep this in mind lest you end up with something way smaller than you need.

Nilos Terracotta Pots also come with a handful of useful tools for tasks like transplanting and watering.

Laerjin Clay Pots for Plants

Laerjin Clay Pots are pretty much the same as the other planters above. The only difference is that they’re wider – and by quite a margin at that.

Each of the four planters is just over 7 ½ inches, which is pretty massive compared to the other pots. But each of the planters is pretty short at 2.6 inches, so you might want to hold off any thoughts of potting your 6-inch plants in one of them.

The pots are more ideal for a mix of smaller plants – great for that colorful display depending on how creative you are and the different succulent species you can get your hands on.

ZOUTOG Succulent Pots

Our first ceramic planters here, ZOUTOG Succulent Pots, come in 4-pack and 6-pack options depending on your budget. Either way, you’ll still get the same white 3-inch containers and bamboo trays to keep the table/countertop (or whatever you choose to put the planters) neat.

Needless to say, the pots are more suitable for mini-succulents given their tiny sizes. But you can get creative with the arrangements to get the most out of them. The fact that the planters are white also helps, seeing as they can pair nicely with pretty every succulent color.

It’s no surprise that they’re among the most popular options as far as succulent planters go.

COLOAPT Succulent Plant Pots

White plain succulent planters are great for their simplicity (succulents themselves already have enough colors, anyway). But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some colorful pots into your collection.

This is where the COLOAPT Succulent Plant Pots come in. Each of the six 3-inch ceramic planters comes with its own colorful pattern which should count for something as far as décor goes.

Aside from the beauty, the pots are scratch-resistant thanks to their well-polished and slippery surfaces. So they should last you a while in that chic condition. Of course, they also come with a drainage hole and a bamboo tray for both your succulents’ sake and your convenience.

Greenaholics Ceramic Flower Pots

The name might sound a bit confusing but the Greenaholics Ceramic Flower Pots are perfect for growing succulents. They tick both the drainage and material (ceramic) boxes; some of the most important considerations when shopping for a succulent planter as you saw above.

Unlike the rest of the pots here, these come in a pair and they’re also slightly larger (one is about 5 inches across and the other is 6).

Unique about the Greenaholics pots also is that you have up to five different color options to choose from, namely blue, yellow, ocean blue, light pink, and turquoise. Each of the pots has another cherry on top – a hexagon pattern. All the more reason you should definitely consider the pots.

SUN-E Ceramic Wooden Pattern Succulent Pots

Still on patterns and whatnot, SUN-E Succulent Pots have some of the most interesting patterns out there. You can actually get an idea of this beauty from their name – made out of ceramic, you might mistake them for being wooden because of color and pattern.

And not just that.

The individual 3-inch pots (there are six of them) come in different shapes which makes them even more interesting and definitely worth trying out.

A bit of a downside, though – the whole pack doesn’t have trays. That means you have to wait for a while every time you water your plants before you put them back.

Yishang Terracotta Pots

The Yishang Terracotta Pots are another great option if you’re looking for something slightly bigger than the other planters. At 5 ½ inches, the 6-pot pack should serve you well if your succulents average between 3-4 inches (remember the golden rule).

The company claims that the pots have passed the 3-foot drop test, which of course is hard to corroborate. That being said, they score high on durability since, as one buyer pointed out, they’re not as thin as some of the options out there – especially considering their size.

Additionally, each pot comes with a screen for covering the drainage hole to prevent the soil from sifting out.

OAMCEG Succulent Plant Pots

Wrapping up our list of best succulent planters are the OAMCEG Succulent Plant Pots, just under 3-inch and sold in packs of six. Looking at that size, you already know the kind of succulents you’ll need, so you might want to give these a pass if your plants are bigger.

Just like the rest of the planters we’ve looked at above, these too come with drainage holes and a bamboo tray to make your work easy.

Unique about these planters is their hexagonal shape which adds a bit of cheer to your indoors compared to the ones we’ve looked at so far.

Final Thoughts

A good succulent planter will not only enhance the beauty of your plants but also ensure they thrive. It will also make your work easy.

Ideal here will depend on size, drainage (all about the drainage hole), and material (ceramic and terracotta are the best). Understanding these will make picking the best succulent planter a lot easier.