Privacy Policy

Garden Karo is owned by a registered company in Sweden. Below, you get to know how we protect your privacy.


You can not log in or leave comments on Garden Karo, thus, no cookies are required for the site to function.

Therefore, you can safely disable cookies without missing any of the functions available at Garden Karo.

If you do not disable cookies, we store cookies from Cloudflare and Google Analytics.

Cloudflare can save different cookies, the main one collects and anonymizes End User IP addresses using a one-way hash of certain values so they cannot be personally identified. The cookie is a session cookie that expires after 30 days. Read more about Cloudflare cookies here.

Google Analytics uses different cookies, usually with the goal of distinguishing users. Read more about the cookies that Google Analytics might use here.

As stated, you can disable cookies in your browser without any functions being impacted. However, the site might not be as fast as it would otherwise be, since caching may be depended on cookies to function.


Garden Karo may, on our website, embed content from other places on the inetnet. The provider of the embedded content can monitor your interaction with the embedded content. Should you be a registered user at the site in question, the provider of the embedded content can track your usage more clearly across different websites on the internet.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to improve our website to find out what you as a visitor might be searching for, and what makes you interact with our website.

You can disable cookies from Garden Karo, without any site function impact, and thereby not get Google Analytics cookies stored in your browser if you prefer not to.

You can also disable the Google Analytics cookies outright by using this tool.


Click on the following links to see the Privacy Policy of the respective company that  have access to limited bits of your data, as a consequence of you visiting Garden Karo:

Garden Karo stores data such as what IP address that you visit from as well as your browser user agent. Your IP address is collected solely for security reasons, your browser user agent is collected to improve your experience on Garden Karo.

You can request to remove your personal data by contacting us, exceptions include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.