Best Gardening Gloves for Kids 2022

A pair of gardening gloves will allow your kid(s) to explore the joys of having a green thumb without the very real risk of injuries.

Here are the best ones to try out:

  1. JustForKids Soft Jersey Kids Garden Gloves
  2. Vgo Soft Synthetic Leather Outdoor Gloves
  3. Vgo Kids Latex Gloves
  4. G & F JustForKids Leather Work Gloves
  5. Kids Gardening Gripper Gloves
  6. Melissa & Doug Gardening Gloves
  7. COOLJOB Kids Gardening Gloves
  8. GLOSAV Kids Gardening Gloves
  9. PROMEDIX P Gardening Gloves

Before we dive into why these options are the best in the market, let’s look at what you need to know before buying a specific pair of gardening gloves for your toddler.

Things to Consider When Buying Gardening Gloves for Kids

The word “best” is pretty subjective – the best gloves for a particular kid might not be exactly best for your toddler. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you make a decision.


This is a big one. The right glove size ensures both comfort and enjoyment for your toddler.

Too tight and too loose gloves are kind of a bummer and could lead to injuries. Most gardening gloves will have specifications about the ideal age of toddlers and a size chart. Pay attention to these.


For most toddlers, looks are everything. The easiest way to get them to put on gardening gloves is to buy an actually attractive pair – bright colors, interesting patterns, drawings, etc.

Most brands have put in a fair amount of work on this front, so it’s not something to stress about. But still, keep it in mind.


Just like the design above, the ideal material will get your toddler excited about the gloves and keep them on for as long as it’s necessary. You wouldn’t want uncomfortable material nor will your kid.


This is another major consideration to look out for when shopping. The main reason for gardening gloves is to keep your youngster safe, so anything less than that is absolutely not worth your time and money.

Most kids’ gloves will have a latex coating on the palms to bolster safety.

9 Best Gardening Gloves for Kids in 2022

With that out of the way, here’s an in-depth look at the best gardening gloves for your kid.

JustForKids Soft Jersey Kids Garden Gloves

Meant for kids ages 5-8, the JustForKids Soft Jersey Kids Garden Gloves come in three colorful patterns which, as we saw above, will make your toddler enthusiastic to keep them on.

Other awesome features about these gloves include:

  • Knit wrists for a better fit and keeping the dirt out
  • 100 percent cotton so they’re breathable and comfortable

Unfortunately, though, the cotton won’t be as durable compared to leather or latex. It’s also not protective against thorns, for instance, so you might want to watch out.

Vgo Soft Synthetic Leather Outdoor Gloves

Made from faux leather, these outdoor gloves are machine washable, so easy to clean. With them, your toddler will have an easy time handling tools, for instance, given the gloves’ palm that’s both anti-slippery and anti-abrasion.

The gloves are also pretty big on the comfort side thanks to the fabric being highly breathable. The comfort is even more apparent with safety cuffs that make slipping the gloves on and off a fairly flawless process.

They’re ideal for kids aged 5-6.

Vgo Kids Latex Gloves

Slightly different from their peers above, the Vgo Kids Latex Gloves cover a wider age group (3-9-year olds). They also offer more protection thanks to the natural foam latex coating in the palms. On top of that, the coating is also anti-slip, providing just the perfect grip for various gardening activities.

The gloves themselves are made of polyester, flexible and comfortable for your toddler not to mention the snug fit thanks to the elastic cuffs.

Just like the other Vgo gloves, these too are machine washable, so… easy to clean.

G & F Leather Work Gloves

These are quite unique as they don’t really give an impression of being meant for kids. They’re the only gardening gloves on our list made of soft leather which means they’re significantly more durable than most of the other gloves here.

They come in two different sizes – one for 4-6-year olds and another for 7-9-year olds.

A major highlighting feature of these gloves is their elastic shirred wrists that keep the dirt out.

Kids Gardening Gripper Gloves

Vastly different from the leather work gloves above, the Kids Gardening Gripper Gloves have a more kids-y look to them, coming in three different bright colors.

They’re pretty minimalistic, though – no flowery patterns on the palms and the back. But make no mistake, the gloves have all you need for your toddler(s).

The textured rubber in the palms and a breathable back keep your toddler’s hands dry for the most part. A bit of a bummer, though – the rubber smell can be somehow overwhelming.

Melissa & Doug Good Gripping Gardening Gloves

The extended cuffs on the Melissa and Doug Good Gripping Gardening Gloves make them unique but also provide additional protection for a part of the forearm – especially for reaching out between stems. To an extent, the design also helps prevent debris from getting into the gloves.

That being said, the size is a bit on the larger side despite the gloves being supposedly designed for 3-6-year olds. You might have to skip them if your toddler is within that age range.

Other than that, though, the gloves work just fine.

COOLJOB Kids Gardening Gloves

Besides the bright colors and designs, COOLJOB Kids Gardening Gloves will also capture your toddler’s attention with the little monster eyes and teeth at the back. Remember – the more engrossed toddlers are, the more fun they’ll have fiddling around in the garden/outdoors.

To more serious stuff, though, the latex foaming on the palms is great for protection and, being dull colors, eliminates the need to clean every other moment – unless you want to.

The good thing is the material is breathable so the gloves can fair on well without the occasional wash.

GLOSAV Kids Gardening Gloves

These are a bit identical to the COOLJOB gloves above with bright colors, a latex coating, a breathable polyester back, and conspicuous drawings to draw your toddler in.

Available for ages 2-12, the GLOSAV Kids Gardening Gloves are sufficiently stretchy for maximum comfort and flexibility during gardening escapades and other outdoor activities.

They’re some of the few kids’ gloves that actually fit perfectly.

PROMEDIX P Gardening Gloves

These too come in all kinds of brightly-colored patterns as the other gloves we’ve seen above. That’s already a plus as far as getting your kid to embrace them is concerned. It makes the whole process fun, too.

The PROMEDIX P Gardening Gloves are available for ages two all the way to nine with two main distinguishing features on the palms – PVC mini dots and a nitrile coat. These help with gripping stuff, especially in wet conditions and such.

Final Thoughts

As a parent, you want your toddlers to enjoy messing around in the garden or the outdoors. But you have to keep them safe and somehow clean.

While gloves are a great way of doing this, the options can be a bit overwhelming. And playing hit or miss with your toddler’s safety is definitely not something you’d want.

With the list above, you can rest easy knowing you have proven options to try out. The gloves are ideal for the light gardening activities toddlers engage in.