Best Farmhouse Plants Ideas 2022

Take inspiration from the following for farmhouse-themed plant décor.

Best farmhouse plants ideas:

  1. Put the old step ladder to good use
  2. Mason jars with a twist
  3. Wood shelf with terracotta pot
  4. Pipe shelf coffee station
  5. Branch arch with hanging plants
  6. Terracotta pots on pedestals
  7. Old oil funnel and crank gear combination
  8. Softly finished wooden planter box
  9. Metal holder with topiary balls
  10. Hanging galvanized bucket
  11. Upcycled square frame with wreath
  12. An oversized basket on an old bench
  13. Metal baskets
  14. Farmhouse style vertical plant holder
  15. DIY macramé hanger
  16. A galvanized bucket on an old chair
  17. Wooden plant carrier
  18. Antique banister wall planter

And now to more details…

Put the Old Step Ladder to Good Use

A worn-out step ladder is certainly one of the best – if not the best – options for farmhouse décor. The chippings and worn-out paint make it a worthwhile consideration if the farmhouse look is what you’re going for.

Bonus points if you can get equally worn-out cans to hold your plants.

Mason Jars with a Twist

With a few touches, mason jars are pretty good for farmhouse décor. In our case, the touches here are fairly simple – applying white chalk paint on the jars and putting them in a wood and chicken planter box.

For better results, be sure to turn the planter box to a beaten-up grayish.

Wood Shelf Terracotta Pot

For this combination, you’ll need an additional wooden surface you wouldn’t mind drilling into. A dresser would be ideal if you want to replicate this TV stand from Funky Junk Interiors. Otherwise, an old bench or tabletop is just as good.

Of course, it’ll also help if the main wood plank and risers are aged for a complete rustic look.

Pipe Shelf Coffee Station

Who said your kitchen countertop has to be plain and boring? I mean, you could have some plants dotted here and there but this DIY shelf is certainly something you should look into.

And to top it off, you could have one of your favorite potted plants on or below the reclaimed wood plank.

Branch Arch with Hanging Plants

Containers and accessories made of metal, wood, terracotta, etc. are awesome. But they’re not the only options you have for creating that desired farmhouse look – or whatever plant arrangement you want.

This curved eucalyptus branch with a couple twigs hanging from it proves exactly that. The only downside is that it won’t last that long compared to the other options we have here.

Terracotta Pots on Pedestals

Terracotta containers are certainly the best as far as potted plants go. Besides that, they also look awesome, so it’s basically killing two birds with one stone. Considering that, putting the pots on a pedestal, literally speaking, shouldn’t be a problem.

A pair of black pedestals of varying heights can actually do a lot as you can see here.

Old Oil Funnel and Crank Gear Combination

Well, this might not be an option for most, because, let’s face it – how many times are you going to bump into an old oil funnel or crank gears?

But if you can find any of the two, you’ll sure be set for a one-of-a-kind farmhouse look, especially with the hydrangea toppings.

Softly Finished Wooden Planter Box

In case you haven’t noticed, wood is a big part of the whole farmhouse décor style. So a wooden planter box is kind of a no-brainer.

Here’s what one would look like.

Of course, it’ll also help if the surroundings look the part but that’s not strictly necessary. The planter is already awesome on its own.

Metal Holder with Topiary Balls

The balls here will obviously take some time to establish – maybe months – because the plant’s growth is out of your control. But you can still enjoy the preliminary look of the greenery alongside the grayish metallic holder as you wait.

Accessorizing with a feather as in this case can add some extra whimsy but you don’t have to.

Hanging Galvanized Basket

These metallic wall planters are the perfect welcome or goodbye displays you can have. And they don’t need much, really.

Just a bit of hammering, adding some greenery of your choice, and you’ll be off to an ideal farmhouse display.

Upcycled Square Frame with Wreath

Chipping paint ties in nicely with the farmhouse look but you don’t always have to go with it. A fresh coat of paint like the one on this square frame is even better. Throw in a hanging wreath and you have yourself an even better rustic vibe.

Oversized Basket on an Old Bench

A basket is pretty much enough to bring out a rustic feel on its own. But why not include an old bench if you have it?

Yeah – other than not having the bench there’s really no other good reason you shouldn’t give the arrangement a try. Unless, of course, you’re not willing to go have this rustic look which will be sad.

Metal Baskets

Not all baskets have to be constructed from plant materials. These little ones, for instance, are made of wires and they’re just as beautiful.

All you need is a bit of creativity to hold up the planters. And you don’t have to stick to flowers. Tiny plants – succulents, especially – could be equally breathtaking.

Farmhouse Style Vertical Plant Holder

Wall art is apparently not limited to just paintings. Turns out plants are pretty effective in sprucing up that plain space beside your window – or wherever you deem fit.

Just be sure to have some antiquing wax on the pots and wood stain if you can’t get an aged board.

DIY Macramé Hanger

You don’t necessarily need macramé – a clothesline or jute are other great options. Obviously, there’s a bit of a learning curve but it’s nothing really complicated.

Plus, learning something new, no matter how small, is always a great experience. Not to mention a great reward at the end of it all.

Galvanized Bucket on an Old Chair

Just like the old step ladder we looked at above, few items come close to the character an old chair with chipping paint can add to a room. And throwing in a galvanized bucket certainly makes for an even more formidable farmhouse finish.

An old stool, too, can work the same magic as the chair.

Wooden Plant Carrier

A toolbox doesn’t have to be strictly for, you know, tools. Make it slightly weathered and you’ll have yourself a rustic plant carrier like this.

Not only is it a unique and beautiful centerpiece but it also offers convenience as you can easily move it around when you want and need to.

Antique Banister Wall Planter

Well, the banister isn’t exactly the planter here but it does help with the rustic aesthetics – which is exactly what you’re looking for here. For the plants, you’ll need a couple of ring hooks and, of course, the right-sized pots – preferably terracotta.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot you can do for that rustic/farmhouse look. The above ideas are just a few of the endless available creative opportunities.

You can straight up copy them. You can also put a spin on them to create your own unique displays. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun while at it.