Best Brass Pots for Plants in 2022

If you’re going the brass pot way, here are a few options you might want to look into.

Best brass pots for plants:

  1. Alchemade brass planters
  2. MyGift metal table vase
  3. Vixdonos garden planters
  4. Kimistry BOHR planters
  5. MyGift Cylindrical planters
  6. Kimistry BIRD planters
  7. Serene Spaces Living antiqued vase
  8. Serene Spaces Living raw vase

Naturally, things like poor or non-existent drainage and corrosion are going to be a problem, which is why we’ll have a brief rundown on how to use brass planters.

For now, though, here’s an in-depth look at each of the brass planters above.

Alchemade Brass Planters

This is a set of two medium and large brass pots – seven and nine inches respectively. Of course, the striking golden surface on the planters is beautiful enough. But each of the Alchemade Brass Planters has an etched pattern that adds to the beauty that’s ideal with pretty much every decoration style.

Unlike most brass planters out there, these two are coated with a lacquer finish that helps maintain the shiny look for an extended period. But even then, you might still want to take precautions to prevent corrosion (more on that later).

A drainage hole is also non-existent, so you have some tinkering to do if you want healthy plants.

MyGift Metal Table Vase

Of course, the MyGift metal table vase will be a perfect table centerpiece but it’s just as ideal on any other flat surface. It’s more like a bowl actually, only taller (about 6 inches) and – of course – with a polished gold shiny surface.

While most brass containers will corrode over time, this seems to do so comparably faster, so it might not be for you if you want that long-time golden shine.

Vixdonos Garden Planters

Brass itself is awful as far as drainage goes. But most brass pot manufacturers will leave you to your own devices which is why Vixdonos garden planters stand out. Each of the two planters that you get has a drainage hole at the bottom that’s certainly useful for getting rid of that extra water.

On the other hand, though, that means you’ll need a bowl which the pots don’t come with for some reason. But that’s not much of a deal-breaker as the shiny gold well-polished surfaces more than make up for it. Aside from adding to your décor’s glamor, the smooth surfaces also make it easier for you to clean.

Kimistry BOHR Planter

Kimistry BOHR Planters are certainly some of the most popular as far as brass pots are concerned. Of course, their shiny and exquisite surfaces are part of the reason. But the most distinguishing aspect here is the pair of stands that accompanies the two pots.

This basically means you have more choices on where you can position your plants. You can’t also deny that the stands bring a whole new vibe to the otherwise normal planter.

That being said, the setup might not be that perfect if you have children or pets as the stands are fairly easy to knock over.

MyGift Cylindrical Planters

Like most of the planters we’ve looked at here, MyGift cylindrical planters come in a pair with each of the respective pots measuring six and five inches across.

These diameters are good enough for a fairly wide array of houseplants of different sizes. They’re pretty lightweight too which – combined with the wide bases – can work out great for a hanging arrangement (that’s if you’re looking for that kind of thing). Otherwise, the cylindrical planters are okay sitting on the kitchen countertop, table, desk, or any other flat surface.

The only downside is that the pots rust fairly fast if you’re not careful.

Kimistry BIRD Planters

With Kimistry BIRD Planters, you get two pots, each with a tripod-like stand for an even more interesting container garden setup.

The arrangement is pretty much like the other Kimistry planters but the stands in this case are black, so it’ll be great if that color combination fits into the overall theme of what you’re trying to create. Overall, though, the planters can fit pretty much everywhere you throw them.

A bit of a bummer is that the stands aren’t painted in the best way possible, so a good deal of them show signs of peeling and rust even before you start using them.

Serene Spaces Living Antiqued Vase

If you’re not a big fan of the shiny planters we’ve looked at so far, then this Serene Spaces Living antiqued vase might interest you. The brass look is still there but it’s a bit tarnished, giving the appearance that it’s been around for years.

The patterned outer surface featuring slightly dark brassy spots also does a good job of keeping the vase an ideal decorative planter.

Serene Spaces Living Raw Vase

Much like the other brass pot from Serene Spaces Living, the “raw vase” is less shiny than the other planters we’ve covered so far. So there’s a bit of that rustic feel it brings with its tarnished surface.

Even though it doesn’t have patterns like the other planter above, it’s certainly quite unique compared to most planters of this type as it gives the impression of a well-made piece.

Using Brass Pots – Some Pointers

Brass pots have two major problems – poor drainage and corrosion. Here’s what you can do about them:

  • Get a drill – and a drill bit designed to go through metal. I’ve already mentioned this: most brass pots aren’t going to have a drainage hole. You’ll have to make one yourself.
  • Don’t put soil directly into a brass pot – being in constant contact with moist soil will only speed up the corrosion process for your pot. Start off with a thick plastic lining (with a drainage hole, of course) or just insert the pot with the plant into the brass pot.

For a more in-depth look, check out this piece on how to plant in brass.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few options out there if you’re looking for brass pots with lots of different designs. These are some of the several you can start off with.

But getting the pots isn’t much of a problem now that you have the list.

Ensuring proper drainage and keeping the pot from losing its beauty to corrosion will be the biggest issues to keep up with.